Compare Haier HLP21N vs HLP23E what’s the difference?

Haier HLP23E 1.5 Cubic-Foot Portable WasherHLP23E vs HLP21NHaier HLP21N 1.0 Cubic-Foot Portable Washer
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Here is the difference:

HLP21N comes with casters that make it easy to move around while the HLP23E does not include.

HLP21N: 1.0 Cubic-Foot
HLP23E: 1.5 Cubic-Foot

Lint Filter:
HLP21N: No
HLP23E: Yes

Drum Basket Material:
HLP21N: Stainless Steel
HLP23E: Polypropylene

Delay Start:
HLP21N: No
HLP23E: Yes

Status Leds:
HLP21N: Yes
HLP23E: LED Display

Water Level Selections:
HLP21N: 3
HLP23E: 4

Door Lid:
HLP21N: Clear Plastic
HLP23E: White Plastic

Carton Depth:
HLP21N: 20-1/8
HLP23E: 22-15/16

Carton Height:
HLP21N: 32-1/2
HLP23E: 38-9/32

Carton Weight:
HLP21N: 51.8
HLP23E: 75

Carton Width:
HLP21N: 20-1/8
HLP23E: 22-15/16

HLP21N: 17-1/4
HLP23E: 19-11/16

HLP21N: 17-19/32
HLP23E: 21-1/8

HLP21N: 43
HLP23E: 65

If you know other difference between Haier HLP21N and HLP23E portable washer, please share below.

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