Compare DeWalt DWE7491RS vs DWE7491X what’s the difference?

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These table saws are designed for ripping, crosscutting, mitering, beveling and non thru-cutting wood applications.
The difference between DeWalt DWE7491X and DWE7491RS is the stand included.
The DeWalt DWE7491RS comes with a Rolling Stand whereas the DWE7491X comes with a Scissor Stand.
The model number of the rolling stand included with the DWE7491RS is # DWE74911.
The model number of the scissor stand included with the DWE7491X is # DWE74912.
Commonly,the RS model is a bit more expensive than the X model.

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Questions and answers:

  • Where can I buy the Dewalt DWE7491X or DWE7491RS without the stand? Or any model with no stand?
    At this moment, April 2020, you can just buy DWE7491X with scissor stand or DWE7491RS with rolling stand. There is no 7491 model with no stand available for purchase. You cannot buy the DWE7491 saw only.
  • Can I use the DWE7491X/DWE7491RS to cut metal, cement board, masonry,etc.?
    No. The saw is designed for cutting wood, it is not recommended to cut any materials other than wood.
  • Can I use a dado blade with the saw?
    Yes. The DWE7491RS will accept a 8-inch Dado Blade,Max width of Dado is 13/16″.
    If using dado blade, you have to use proper dado throat plate which sold seperately.
    The DWE7402DI Dado Throatplate insert fits these table saws, allows use of stacked dado cutters.
    Do Not stack dado blades thicker than 13/16″, do Not use dado blades larger than 8″ diameter.
  • Does DeWalt offer a zero clearance throat plate for DWE7491RS/DWE7491X?
    No. DeWalt has not made any zero clearance insert for the DWE7491RS/DWE7491X.
  • What’s the arbor size?
    5/8 inches.
  • How does the saw collect dust? Does it include a dust collector bag?
    The DWE7491RS and DWE7491X have 2 ports for dust extraction purpose: a 2-1/2″ OD main dust collection port at the back of the saw can be used with a standard shop vac and a 1-1/2″ OD port on the blade guard.
    (Here is a good shop vac to consider if you do not own one.)
    If the port size does not fit your shop vac hose, you may want to buy an adapter kit,such as Rockler conversion adapter, to change the exhaust size to make it able to fit your vacuum hose.
    If you want to handle both ports to minimize clean up, you may need to buy a Y-Connector for the DWE7491RS/DWE7491X as recommended in the DWE7491 user manual. It will split the hose into 2, so you can connect both dust collection ports. But you will need additional adapters and hose to get it done.
    This saw does not come with a dust bag. You can buy a table saw dust bag like Bosch TS1004 to collect sawdust, it should work. Sometimes, hooking up a shop vac with the table saw to collect the dust is not always realistic. So, using a dust bag is a good choice.
  • What voltage does it support?
    It is 120 volt, cannot operate on 220V.
  • Does the saw feature soft start?
  • Does the saw have an electric break?
  • What is the horsepower of DWE7491X/DWE7491RS motor?
    The motor for the DWE7491X/DWE7491RS is approximately 1-3/4 HP.
  • How long is the power cord?
    About 6-foot.
  • Is the motor direct drive or belt driven?
    Gear driven.
  • Does the saw have a laser?
  • Does the saw come with a miter gauge?
  • What’s the size of the DWE7491 miter slot?
    3/4-inch T slot.
  • Can you remove the stand?
    Yes. But it’s not made to be removed quickly, there is no quick release. There are 4 bolts that secure the table saw to the stand.
  • Can the saw be used without the stand?
  • Is the stand height adjustable?
    No. It’s fixed.
  • Does the saw have a have a riving knife?
  • Does the saw come with blade wrenches?
    Yes, 2 blade wrenches included.
  • Can you use the saw without the blade guard?
  • Does the saw equipped with an out-feed support?
  • How much does the saw weigh?
    For the DWE7491RS, the total weight is 90 lbs. The saw weighs roughly 60 lbs and the stand weighs roughly 30 lbs. The shipping weight is 110 lbs.
    For the DWE7491X, the total weight is 87 lbs.
  • What material is it made of?
    The saw table is painted aluminum.
  • What are dimensions of the saw?
    The dimensions of the DWE7491 (without stand) are approximately : 22″ X 26.5″ X 12.5″(DxWxH)
    For the DWE7491RS, the height from floor to table top is approximately 36.5 inches.
    When folded up in the upright position, it’s approximately 48″ x 22″ x 27″ (HxDxW).

DeWalt DWE7491X vs DWE7491RS Specs

Model DWE7491X DWE7491RS
Power Source Corded Corded
Cord Length 6 ft. 6 ft.
Amps 15 amps 15 amps
Voltage 120V 120V
Blade Diameter 10-inch 10-inch
Arbor Size 0.625 inch 0.625-inch
Depth of Cut at 90 Degree 3.125 inch 3.125 inch
Depth of Cut at 45 Degree 2.25 inch 2.25 inch
Max Rip to Left of Blade 22 inch 22 inch
Max Rip to Right of Blade 32.5 inch 32.5 inch
Max Width of Dado 0.8125 inch 0.8125 inch
No Load Speed 4800 RPM 4800 RPM
Dust Port Diameter 2.5 inch 2.5 inch
Weight 87 lbs 90 lbs
Stand Scissor Stand Rolling Stand
Accessories 10-inch 24-Tooth Carbide Blade,Push Stick,Rip Fence,Blade Guard Assembly,Scissor Stand,Miter Gauge,2x Blade Wrenches 10-inch 24-Tooth Carbide Blade,Push Stick,Rip Fence,Blade Guard Assembly,Rolling Stand,Miter Gauge,2x Blade Wrenches
Warranty 90 Day Money Back Guarantee,1 Year Free Service,3 Year Limited Warranty 90 Day Money Back Guarantee,1 Year Free Service,3 Year Limited Warranty
Dimensions 26.8” x 26.8” x 30.2” (box dimensions) 30.5” x 30.5” x 24” (box dimensions)
Owners Manual

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