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Looking for the Best Undercut Door Jamb Saw? – Our Top Picks

If you are looking for the best undercut saw for door jamb,frame,trim,baseboard,etc.,then you can have a look the following tools. They are handy for cutting under door jambs, remodeling your house, installing new flooring.

Product Type Rating Price
1 Crain 835 Undercut Saw Corded #ad Check Price at Amazon
2 Roberts Jamb Saw 10-46 Corded Check Price at Amazon
3 DEWALT DWE315K Corded #ad Check Price at Amazon
4 Rockwell RK5132K Corded #ad Check Price at Amazon
5 DEWALT DCS355B Batter Powered #ad Check Price at Amazon
6 Crain 336 Undercut Saw Hand Saw #ad Check Price at Amazon

There are two types of undercut saws you can choose from:
an electric undercut saw or a hand saw.
An electric saw will save you time and effort, and gives you better precision, but costs more money. Whereas a undercut hand saw will be at a cheaper price, but costs you much more time and effort on cutting. Unless you are a purist, or have plenty of time for cutting, it is better to get a power saw.
Besides the above mentioned jamb cutting tools, there is also one less expensive power tool you can consider:
an Oscillating Multi Tool.
It can also cut under door jamb as a undercut saw does. read more

Oscillating Tool Comparison

Compare Oscillating Tools Side by Side
Oscillating muti tool is a versatile DIY device. With its wide range of interchangeable accessories, you can use it to remove grout, cut tile, wood, etc.
Some of the popular brands are Bosch, Dremel, Fein, Ridgid, Rockwell, Craftsman, Porter Cable. It is recommended to choose one from these brands if you are looking to buy one.
You can use the comparison tool below to compare features and specs of some of the best oscillating multi tools on the market side by side.
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